Friday, October 3, 2014

The End of September

Here are just a few pictures from my phone of the small adventures we've had, away from home and puppy, throughout the past week. :)

The sunset last Friday while we were walking home from our date. Any parent will say that it's important to get away from your kids and spend some alone time together as a married couple. Charlie might not agree, but even though she's our "only child," she has to learn that our lives don't completely revolve around her. (Even though we did get her new toys while we were out!)

On Sunday afternoon, we took a walk around the duck pond and rose gardens near the zoo with our friend Mitch. We found some turtles in the pond!

Here, I was marveling at the fact that my phone takes better pictures than any camera I've ever owned...

This goose. Was the biggest goose. We have ever seen.

Last Tuesday evening, we met Mitch in the Catalina Mountains for dinner at sunset. We were the only ones there, (besides a few hikers and possibly a mountain lion that some believed they heard but never saw) and this was the first night that I think really started to feel like "fall." My toes were numb!

My latest dessert creation. It started off with the idea of an apple dessert pizza, but took more of a pie form. Maybe I'll share the recipe, later. Just know that it was delicious and didn't last long. :)

The view! (We were at the Gordon Hirabayashi campsite off of the Catalina Highway)

What's better than just the view? Delicious pie with that view! ;)

Manly men with the grill. Mitch is a master of marinading and grilling steaks. 

We used our handy dandy little stove to add potatoes to the meal!

Dinner by candlelight!

That's all for now! As soon as Charlotte has her next round of vaccinations, she'll be able to join us for more outings. For now, here we are together today - she's currently enjoying her 23rd nap of the day. It must be tough being this cute. :)

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