Thursday, October 30, 2014

Charlotte: 15 Weeks

It's time for a Charlotte update! This week, she's 15 weeks old, and has now been ours for over 5 weeks. Everyone says they can tell she's getting bigger, but she's still just a little puppy to me. She seems very happy and I think she really likes us. She still acts like a puppy, but things are getting a little easier as time goes on. Overall, she seems to be fitting in to our life very well.

She and I spend lots of time together when Curtis is at school. She's actually mellowed out quite a bit,  she doesn't get aggressive as much and bites less. When Curtis gets home, that all changes - she gets so riled up and starts biting him like crazy! Does her biting him more mean she likes him more or less than me? Anyway, on the few occasions when she does get aggressive when we're home alone, I have found that the way to get her to settle down and respect me is to play Curtis' trumpet. No, I can not play the trumpet. I just get weird sounds. If I were her, I would be scared too. This picture shows her timidness toward the big shiny horn I'm holding. However, when Curtis plays for her, she's fine with it. Should I be offended? :)

On Charlie's first hike with us to Mt. Wrightson, we rewarded her by introducing her to Peanut Butter. She will now do whatever she can to have more. Yes, she's standing on our table here in this picture... yeah, I put her up there. I'm a sucker for her puppy dog eyes.

We got a package! More importantly, Charlie got a box! I put her inside just for fun. We like to put all her toys inside, and she likes to grab it by the flaps and turn it over.

I took this picture because 1. She's adorable, and 2. She fell asleep with the margarita mixer bottle, and it was just an opportune picture moment. No, we don't let her have any - We take empty bottles and put treats inside for her to play with!

One outing we had this month was walking to our favorite sushi restaurant. Hurray for outdoor seating! We brought her dinner with her, and she enjoyed getting love from other people and getting to check out new territory!

Then this week, she joined us on a lunch date to Culvers, where she discovered french fries! These are the puppy dog eyes that I give in to on a daily basis. This is what I have to put up with, people!

Curtis is home! We get so excited to play with him! She can jump up on the futon on her own now, and I'm pretty sure she thinks it's hers - she starts biting and gets a little territorial up there. She doesn't seem to realize that there's definitely enough room for 2 humans and 1 very small puppy!

Charlie giving me her crazy eyes look - I get this look all the time. And it is always hilarious.

She still doesn't like it when I try and take pictures. This would be attempt #73/156, and the best one we can get all day. ;)

We went and had dinner at Mitchell's one Sunday night, and Charlotte was also invited! It was a struggle to keep her off the carpet in his new home, but she behaved herself. She enjoyed having the backyard to roam around, but only if there were people outside with her. I took a picture when she finally settled down and fell asleep on my lap. :')

And here, I wanted to share some pictures that my Mother-in-law Julie took of Charlie. Most of my pictures of her end up blurry because she rarely stops moving (and sleeping pictures can only be so interesting!) but Julie is a photographer and got some adorable shots of my baby! You can visit her photography website here:

Charlie in action! Isn't she the cutest? I love it when her ears perk up like this!

Baby Charlotte. :) She never ceases to amaze or amuse us! Whether she's hiking to a 10,000 ft peak or cuddling with us on the futon, she always makes us happy by being an adorable, curious, and lovable puppy.

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