Sunday, October 12, 2014

Charlotte's World

Hi everyone, it's me, Charlotte! I'm almost 13 weeks old and I've now spent 3 weeks with these people who think they own me. Today I'm going to tell you what it's like to be me!

Every morning, my people come and release me from my kennel and take me outside. They claim to have "ulterior motives" and wanting me to do some kind of "business" but how should I know any of that? I'm just a puppy - a HOUND puppy - and my only business is to smell all the rocks that surround my fortress. I do a very thorough job with my work.

After that, my daddy will usually leave, so it's up to me to entertain my mommy all day. I like to impress her with my acrobatic work! Every day, I get a little bit bigger, and better at jumping up on things. It took me 4 days to walk up the stairs, and 2 weeks to walk down them, now there's no limit to what I can do!

But, all that hard work can really tire out a dog. I always look forward to my morning nap.

And my mid-morning nap. And the nap after that. Then the one before lunch, then another after that, and so on. I don't understand how these people can stay awake for so long!

If I every feel like I am not getting enough food or water, I have the perfect solution: I go find my food bag, and I knock it over! Then I have a race with daddy to see who can grab the most pieces of dog food. I always win! Food is very important, especially because I'm a growing girl - I gain like a pound a week, and everyone who sees me says I'm getting so big all the time. Is that supposed to be a good thing? Who knows!

And for water, I grab this hose that comes out of daddy's backpack. I still can't get anything out of it, but I know there's something in there! Water is one of my favorite things. Most dogs look forward to a big bowl of food or treats. Me? I'd rather take a bowl full of water! 

As you can see, I have plenty of ways to keep myself busy. I have so many toys, and if I ever get tired of them, I can always take my people's things! This is the life I always dreamed of! 

My people say I'm so sweet when I'm asleep, because that's when I don't bite them. Come on, I can't help it that your flesh tastes way better than anything else! And who wouldn't love your silly reactions when I nip into you real good!

Yeah, I can be real cute when I'm asleep. I am also very friendly when I get to go outside! I love all the people that walk by me! I just wish that more of them would stop to rub my belly when I flop down in front of them - and all they do is walk past. The nerve!

I have a new favorite place to nap when mommy is working in the kitchen. I like to be near her as much as I can!

Hmmm, how can I make my way into the fridge? My people have these delicious green leafy things that I love to sneak out!

One night, mommy and daddy cut my daddy's hair right off of him. They worried me so much! I thought I could save him by saving the hair. Instead, I might have eaten some, and "coughed up a hairball," as the cats would say.

The best night EVER was when we had more people over and mommy and daddy slept in my room!! After we went outside in the morning, they let me come sleep with them. It was the comfiest nap I've ever had!!

This is my mommy. She thinks I'm just adorable, and loves to hold me any chance she gets.

I usually respond by trying to eat her face off. I can also remove her earrings, even without thumbs! There are no limits to my tricks! Speaking of tricks, my people think it's cool to play this thing called fetch. They're all, "Charlie, fetch!" and I'm like, "Stop trying to make fetch happen, it's never going to happen!!" Am I right, or am I right?! However, there are these times when I am rewarded for bringing the small green ball back to them...

One morning, I saw water falling from the sky. It looked so pretty and peaceful that I fell asleep watching it. Then, daddy tried to get me to go outside in it, and it was the worst feeling ever! Leave my water in the bowl, thank you!

One morning, I managed to jump from the futon to the table. I count it as my greatest accomplishment. Then, the people moved the table so I couldn't walk on it anymore - but they didn't tell me about it, which led to me falling and being totally embarrassed in front of my humans. :(

According to me, everything can somehow be eaten. Papers, cloth, wood, toys, shoes, flesh, homework...however, this wall proved that theory wrong though.

I have beautiful long ears, an adorable, wrinkly face, big huge paws, and a big round belly that deserves a good rubbing. 

Daddy loves my puppy kisses. He says they're second only to kisses with my mommy. (Gross.) My secret? I only kiss people because they taste delicious!! It's like I get to eat whatever they get to eat!

Outside time is my favorite! Even though my people insist on keeping me restrained by a leash. Someday I will be free!

I am usually a poky little puppy, as the human folk say, but sometimes I get a little burst of energy and I start running! My people better not get any ideas about taking me running with them. Or even worse, on one of those crazy long hikes. I swear, if they take me on a hike, I will make them CARRY ME THE WHOLE WAY!

Ways to get me to run: if my people are running, if I see people I want to lick far away, if I'm scared by a big dog, or if my people are serving me food or water.

Yeah, I guess my life is pretty great. I'm glad these people picked me. I can't wait to meet all their family and friends and make everyone love me!

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