Engagement Pictures

This video is courtesy of my sister, Sarah, who was trying to keep it a secret!

January 1, 2013 at 12:00 am - the happiest moments of my life up till that point, and shared with our families! I knew for a long time that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, and had waited forever for this moment. However, it still came as a complete surprise when he pulled the ring from his pocket and whispered, "will you marry me?" 

Collage from my sister, Joanna. :)

About my ring:

from Gemvara.com - I told him I wanted a non-traditional wedding ring and that my finger was a size 4.5, and that was it. He went and found this gorgeous garnet ring with a sailor's knot on each side - fitting, because he will be going into the Navy after college. The wedding ring fits underneath it and has alternating diamonds and garnets in the band.

These first pictures were taken the week we got engaged by Curtis' mom - Julianne Jorgensen, Country Mile Photography.

It looks cold, but it wasn't that bad for an Iowan winter day! As much as I may dislike snow, it does make for a pretty backdrop in pictures.

These were taken on the Indian Creek trail in Iowa. 

Of course we stopped to play 'Pooh Sticks' on this bridge! We're still kids at heart ;)

A closer picture of my ring! Back in the days before the wedding ring was added, when I was still getting used to it! 

These next pictures were taken after Curtis came back in May, after finishing his sophomore year of college. These were taken by Garrett Hufford Photography.

These pictures were taken at Usher's Ferry Historical Village, a place that holds memories for us of having pictures for high school dances taken there. My, how far we've come!

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