Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sound Board and Star Wars: A Wedding Post


Congrats to our friends from Berean Bible Church, Ken and Tracey! We were honored to be asked to work on the soundboard for their wedding this weekend, and get to share in their celebrations!

All dressed up after a morning of freezing produce ;)

Our cute little church, also "dressed up"! What you can't experience is the amazing smell that the couple filled the building with - you don't normally think of smells when you think of how you want your wedding to look, but the smell of a sweet apple pie made the whole thing! We heard that they used candles to add the subtle and sweet smell. It really brought the wedding colors - red, burnt orange, and yellow - to life. It both looked and smelled like fall!

Our view for the ceremony :) It looks like a lot of buttons, but Curtis makes it look so easy!

I don't have any pictures from the ceremony, but I wanted to share some from the reception. After a beautiful, Christ-centered wedding ceremony, the reception began in a separate venue with a whole theme of its own: Star Wars!

Insert cards here!

I made Curtis pose with some of the many life-sized character cut outs. Han Solo photobombed. :)

No Star Wars themed reception is complete without a Star Wars wedding cake - this was my favorite part. It was so detailed and perfect!

Darth Vader cuts the cake ;)

Gotta love those events that allow you to draw on the tables ;)

Congrats again to the happy couple! What a wonderful day to celebrate marriage!

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