Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October Occurrences

On Monday, (10/27) I turned 22. It was a wonderful day/weekend of celebrating with my husband and puppy, and feeling the love from friends and family, near and far. :)

Today I'm just sharing some pictures and memories that we've had this month. Between hiking, family visiting, being with friends, church, and learning how to be puppy parents, we've stayed very busy this month!

An Arizona sunset! I made Curtis and Charlie come outside and enjoy it with me. 

I love having palm trees all around. I still feel like I'm on vacation or something. It's been a beautiful October!

Sunday outing with a friend in Marana (North of Tucson) and watching a storm pass through the city!

My husband is amazing. I can't say that enough. He helped a friend disassemble, move, and build this whole thing without instructions! 

The Catalina Mountains while we were driving to Sabino Canyon to go running.

BAM! How about that sunset!

Tea time, with tea and adorable mugs provided by my loving family. :)

Checking out the solar eclipse with our own "pinhole camera"!

Birthday dinner #1: Texas Roadhouse. A girl shouldn't have to live 22 years before she experiences her first Bloomin' Onion.

Late night shenanigans in Kohl's trying on hats. Just like in high school. :)

Birthday selfie! (I finally had the courage to style my haircut and wear the bangs down... not too bad, right?) :p Also thanks to my family for the dress, it arrived just in the nick of time before we left for a dressy dinner date!

We went out to a restaurant called Vivace - it was undoubtedly the most upscale restaurant we'd been to! We got all dressed up and enjoyed amazing food and the beautiful atmosphere.

Charlotte agreed to one good picture with me, because it was my birthday. ;)

This has been a wonderful year, and I'm excited to see what the next year will hold. There will be lots of changes happening, we know that for sure!

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