Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Outings with People and Outings with Puppies

Last Sunday, Curtis and I joined some friends and went to a festival downtown called "Tucson Meet Yourself." Curtis and I really haven't done any events around Tucson because we prefer being around more nature and less people, but we went (for the food) and really enjoyed our time. The festival is done to help introduce you to new cultures by having a wide variety of food, venders, and music. We enjoyed trying kabobs from a Laos food vender and gelato from Frost, a popular gelato shop around here.

In front of the courthouse (I have better pictures of it here) while listening to the Los Changos Feos Miriachi band.

A short clip from what we saw :) you'll need to enlarge it to see the dancers better!

Yesterday (10/14), we took our puppy Charlotte to a park for the first time. We have small green spaces at our apartment, but here we were able to go to a corner of the park on our own and let her wander around on her own (supervised by us nearby!). 

We brought along a few toys for her amusement. :)

She was very well behaved, even with other dogs and people around, and never tried to get away! 

After a good long time there, Curtis had to run a quick errand, so I waited outside with Charlie.

When we were inside the cab, she cried and worried that Curtis would never come back...

But when we went outside and I put her in the bed of the truck, she finally settled down. Don't let the concerned puppy face fool you, she was really happy! But not as happy as she was when Curtis finally came back. :)

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