Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Door County Anniversary Trip, Day 8

Day 8 (last day!): Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Today was a drive-all-day-long kind of day. Being letterboxers, we didn't exactly take the most direct way home. But that's was Curtis' last chance to letterbox for a while. Thankfully, we were able to find both and make the most of the day.

One box took us through a marshy area in Eastern Wisconsin...thankfully, it was on a boardwalk! Still, think hot, humid, and buggy. While Curtis searched for the box, I paced back and forth just to keep them off me.

Here I am, laughing at Curtis wandering through the swamp in the background. If only he had read to the end of the clue, where it said something along the lines of "This is where the box used to be, now it's under the steps of the boardwalk"...right where I was standing. Whoops. :)

We took one more stop around Lake Geneva, then had lunch at Culvers before continuing the rest of the way home. It was bittersweet, knowing we were coming back to reality, and only had a few days together left.

Last few miles of Southwestern Wisconsin.

Crossing the Mississippi again.

Almost to Iowa!

We made it home around dinner time, which we enjoyed with Curtis' family.

It was altogether a great vacation of experiencing new things and making lots of memories that will make up for the rest of the summer. I'm so thankful we had this opportunity to take an entire week to celebrate our 2nd anniversary a little early. Now it's time to start hoping for another week to celebrate our 2nd anniversary late... ;)

Day 8 Wrap Up: Drove 450 miles, found 2 letterboxes.

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