Monday, June 22, 2015

Door County Anniversary Trip, Day 6

Day 6: Monday, June 8, 2015

Another rainy morning resulted in another easy start to the day. It's not that we were sleeping in super late, we just happened to know that rain was predicted for this morning so we decided to wait for it while resting. It did finally come, so all that waiting was not a waste! The rental house we were in happened to have a tv with 3 channels - nothing that would really interest us - and also the complete first season of Cheers. We had never heard of the show, but we managed to watch the episodes and ended up really enjoying it. :)

When the rain cleared up, we decided to head North to another state park we hadn't seen yet - Newport State Park. We took a long hike here, and once we reached the end it began raining on us again. The heavy tree cover kept us from getting too wet though, and we quickly made our way back to the car. Altogether, I think we hiked 6 miles...maybe ran the last one. :) We had no wildlife sightings here, and no views of the lake. Just another hike with the same covered trail that we'd seen everywhere! (I should have mentioned that at the beginning, that all the trails would look the same - that would've saved you some time, right?) ;)

We rewarded ourselves with pizza and gelato from Joe Jo's Pizza and Gelato in Sister Bay. We were a little disappointed because we assumed that Chicago style pizza would still be a big thing here, considering so many tourists were from Chicago, but all they had to offer was thin crust. Who does that?! The gelato and breadsticks were delicious though! We both got flavors containing the famous Door County Cherry... Gelato, not breadsticks. ;)

We went to the Ellison Bay Community Center beach to watch the sunset again. We enjoyed walking through the sand and on the dock, watching the sun disappear behind the clouds

Day 6 Wrap Up: Hiked 6 miles.

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