Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rainy Road trip in Cochise County

The rain may have altered some of our plans, but it definitely didn't spoil today's adventure! We successfully found 8 letterboxes and enjoyed more of Arizona that we hadn't seen before. However, we weren't able to see as much as we wanted of Chiricahua National Park due to rain, cold, and snow causing closed roads. But from what we saw, it looks amazing and we're looking forward to going back and doing more hiking someday!

Every week I am more and more amazed by God's creation all around. I love everything I've seen, and I keep hearing about more places that I need to visit! I'm certain He put in overtime when designing Arizona's mountains and rock formations. ;)

I hope you enjoy the pictures of this adventure as much as I do!

Texas Canyon

Dragoon, AZ

 It might have been windy, rainy, and cold, but the clouds were amazing!

 If you go to Arizona and only drive on interstates, you are seriously missing out on the beauty of the back highways.

 Willcox, AZ

 Dos Cabezas, AZ

Driving toward Chiracahua National Park:

 Some pictures from inside the park:

 Jaguars in AZ? Yes!

 I love the red bark on this dogwood tree:

 We also visited the gravesite for John Ringo

 Back at Texas Canyon on the way home. There are some quality boxes around here! :)

Panoramic view from highway 186 heading toward Chiracahua National Monument

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