Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our Honeymoon: Tour of the Great Lakes

 The day after our wedding, we took off on a 2 week long honeymoon that my brand new husband had planned for us. We started off driving 6 hours to St. Paul, MN. Here, we're in Decorah, IA, searching for letterboxes. We were unlucky the first day, but that most definitely did not set the tone for the rest of our trip!

 We couldn't have asked for better weather for our wedding weekend!

 Dipping our feet in the Mississippi River in St. Paul

 A view from our hotel, downtown St. Paul

 We stayed 2 nights in a lovely bed and breakfast in this lighthouse in Two Harbors, MN. It's right on the edge of Lake Superior, and the town is surprisingly full of attractions - and letterboxes!

 A view of our lighthouse from afar

 Lake Superior

 My love and I :)

 We saw many waterfalls on our trip! This is at Gooseberry Falls near Two Harbors, MN

 Ever heard of these? It's a Whispering Giant statue, carved by Peter Wolf Toth. He carved one for every state, and we just so happened to drive by this one in Minnesota! Fun fact, there's also a letterbox for every statue!
 We agreed that this was our favorite letterboxing location we've seen so far. It's on a hiking trail off the Gunflint Trail in Minnesota, and this is actually called Honeymoon Bluff. A great example of a beautiful place we wouldn't have found otherwise if we weren't boxing!

After this, we crossed the border into Ontario, Canada!

Kakabekka Falls in Ontario, Canada. The Niagara Falls of the West!

After spending 2 days in Thundery Bay, we made our way across the North shore of Lake Superior. This was by far our favorite drive of the trip, there was hardly any traffic or road construction and everything went smoothly. There are also several quality drive by boxes with fun stories to them!
White River, ON - Birthplace of Winnie the Pooh!
Wawa Goose in Wawa, ON
Chippewa Falls - North of Sault St. Marie

After crossing back into Michigan, we stayed in a family cottage in Northern lower peninsula of Michigan. We made several day trips, including Mackinaw Island and along the shore of Lake Michigan.
Lake Huron from Mackinaw Island
The beautiful Mackinaw Island - We figured out that letterboxing is truly the best way to enjoy this island. It's really a big tourist trap, and the best way to enjoy the beauty of the island in peace is to walk around the trails that letterboxing takes you on. Also, it's free ;)

We stayed at the cottage for 5 days before moving on, across the bridge in St. Clair, MI and back into Canada. We stayed in London, ON for a few days and caught the tail end of the Shakespeare festival in Stratford - we saw Othello!

Finally, on the Saturday 2 weeks after our wedding, we crossed the Rainbow bridge over Niagara Falls back into the US.

We drove home that Saturday and Sunday, driving along the South shore of Lake Eerie, completing our tour of the Great Lakes. :) Over 3000 miles we put on to our faithful truck, the Yeti!

*Attention fellow Letterboxers* We have a traveler, Happy Honeymooners, that asks a question about our honeymoon. This post should help you figure it out. Be sure to try to answer the question if you ever meet us on the trails or at an event!

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