Monday, November 18, 2013

A Series of Saturday Adventures

Since our wedding day, we haven't had a single "lazy Saturday". We've made it a goal to always go do something exciting each weekend. There's so much to do around here, it makes finding a new adventure pretty easy. I'm going to give a run down of everything we've been doing, and hopefully I'll get caught up posting pictures and more details later.

us with Esteban, the baby saguaro. (August 31)

Here we go… our series of Saturday adventures!

July 27 - Our wedding day!

August 3 - (on honeymoon) Crossed the border into US from Sault St. Marie, ON and drove to Indian River, MI

August 10 - (on honeymoon) Drove from London, ON, crossed the Rainbow Bridge over Niagara Falls and after hiking/letterboxing in New York and Pennsylvania we drove to somewhere in Ohio about 10 miles out from Indiana to spend the night.

August 17 - Moving to Arizona - After 2 days of driving we finally arrived at our new home! Before arriving we did some hiking in Flagstaff and visited some friends.

August 24 - We drove down to Nogales, AZ with some friends and got letterboxes all the way down. (2 weeks after crossing the Canadian border into US we were at the Mexican border!)

August 31 - Had lunch with some friends then drove up the Catalina Highway to Mt. Lemmon and got many boxes the whole way up. (Saw my 2nd tarantula since moving here) Got our baby saguaro, Esteban!

September 7 - Drove to Vail, AZ and got many letterboxes; visited Colossal Cave Park but didn't go in the caves yet…(we've done that twice now, just not on a Saturday!)

September 14 - Went to a gun show, then letterboxing in the Southeast part of the city. Curtis' dad came down that weekend, and we visited Colossal caves with him on Sunday.

September 21 - Hiked 5 miles to Romero pools.

September 28 - After brunch with our letterboxing friends at Golden Corral, we drove to Phoenix and visited some friends and found a Krispy Kremes!

October 5 - Hiked 5 miles on Seven Falls trail in the Catalinas/Sabino Canyon area. Letterboxed!

October 12 - This weekend we went to Albuquerque, NM to see the international hot air balloon festival. Amazing! Also did lots of hiking on 7 different trails on the way there and back.

October 19 - (this whole week was "National Letterboxing Week" so we did lots of hiking and got around 30 boxes on 13 different trails) We drove up the Catalina Highway and did more hiking in Summerhaven, AZ (at the top of Mt. Lemmon)

October 26 - My birthday weekend! We went to San Diego, CA and stayed on the ocean. Visited the zoo, USS Midway, and Cabrillo National Park, and did lots of hiking on the way there and back.

November 2 - Hiked a mile on the trail connecting the Gordon Hirabayashi area to Molino Basin on the Catalina Highway and got 8 boxes. Then hiked 4 miles on the Sycamore Reservoir trail and got 6 more boxes.

November 9 - Drove to Gilbert, AZ for a Letterboxing event, "Early Christmas in AZ". Came back and went to the U of A homecoming football game - our first ever experience going to a college football game!

November 16 - Visited the Biosphere 2 near Oracle, AZ. Went to Peppersauce and hiked, letterboxed in Oracle, then on our way back hiked 2 miles in Honeybee Canyon in Oro Valley.

And all of that was just on Saturdays. ;) I'm loving our new home and all the adventures we have! Check back later for more posts containing pictures soon.

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