Monday, May 4, 2015

Beginning of May

How is it May? No really... We got married like a couple days ago, moved to Arizona, and now we've begun packing and planning our next big move. Where did the past 2 years go?! This month is going to be crazy, that's for sure! More on that later though. :)

But now, on to our weekend! We started off with an Astronomy Research Recognition Ceremony. It was basically a little gathering where all the Astronomy graduating seniors shared what they had done research on and were given plaques. There are 10 seniors graduating with degrees in Astronomy!

On Saturday, we hit the road for a day trip. Here, I am imitating Charlotte's concern about her daddy leaving us in the Jeep while getting gas. It makes her so anxious - where is he going, when is he coming back and why can't I go too!!

First stop was to the ghost town of Sasco, AZ. It was rather hot here, in the high 90's with no shade! Charlotte enjoyed running around and chasing lizards and kangaroo rats.

Sasco (the name of the town, and an acronym for Southern Arizona Smelter Company) is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but it is a popular area for paint ball. Once we visited the site, we could tell why - the ruins of one of the buildings made an awesome maze! We enjoyed walking through and checking out all the hallways and rooms.

 This place used to be the premier smelting site for mining in Southwest Arizona. In the early 1900's, it was home to about 600 people, and the smelter employed about 175 men. However, in 1909, the owner had to file for bankruptcy due to mining issues in Tombstone. Then in 1919, the Spanish Influenza struck the area and wiped out the area, and then the Silverbell mine closed in 1921. Finally, in 1933, most of the buildings here were demolished, along with the train tracks that ran through the area. 

However, all that remains is still interesting and worth visiting. The above picture and the next 6 pictures are all of the same large building! It's just unfortunate how vandalized the area is. 

It was on this trip that we learned that Charlotte has a real interest in ghost towns and ruins like we do! Not only does she get to see what remains, but I'm pretty sure she was picking up on some interesting smells as well. ;)

This area is West of Red Rock, AZ, and gives a very unique view of Picacho Peak. I remember feeling so proud of hiking it last November, but from here, it really doesn't look that impressive!

The Smelter!

Usually when we're out walking, it takes some convincing to get Charlotte to go back to the Jeep, but on this very warm day she was more than ready to get back and have some water! (Drank straight from my water bottle!)

After this, we did a quick visit to Casa Grande National Monument. It always amazes us how big and intricate these ruins are! Having grown up in the Midwest, whenever we think about the Native Americans, we always picture teepees or wickiups. But down here, they really have some amazing ruins that we've enjoyed visiting - such as Montezuma Castle, Wupatki, and Walnut Canyon!

"Casa Grande" is Spanish for big house. These ruins would have been the largest structure on site - this building was 4 stories tall! We're thankful for the National Park services for doing all they can to preserve it now.

Charlotte also enjoying sniffing around this area. :) I love her curiosity! 

After this, we drove to Gilbert where we were able to attend the middle school musical that Curtis' sister's school was putting on, and then enjoying dinner and catching up with Lydia and Jeff. Charlotte enjoyed sniffing around their entire back yard, as usual. 

We stopped for our Krispy Kreme doughnuts - something we must do every time we are in Phoenix - and then drove home. While we were driving, it looked like there were rainstorms in the distance with lightning flashing, but we soon realized that what looked like patches of rain turned out to be clouds of dust! It wasn't that bad and didn't affect the roads, but it was pretty epic!

And that was our weekend - have a great week everyone! :)

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