Monday, September 22, 2014

We Gladly Welcome To Our Family...

Charlotte ("Charlie") Antebellum!

Yes, we finally did it - We are now proud puppy parents!

We met Charlotte on Friday night and it was love at first sight.  What we thought was just another visit to the puppy store we frequent ended up to be the day we met the dog of our dreams.

Charlie also just seemed to know that we were the people she wanted to spend her life with! We had a great bonding time that night, but knew we had a big decision ahead of us. Were we really ready to be puppy parents? 

We went home and talked about it all weekend. We thought through every detail that comes with owning a puppy, and how it could change our schedules and plans. While we like to go hiking or on short trips over the weekends, we are usually at home during the week. We could still have weekend adventures, we would just need to either plan dog-friendly trips, or find a petsitter - and we already have some people who are more than willing to help out. 

By Sunday afternoon, we knew we really wanted her, and we decided to go back and see if she was still available. If she was, she was meant for us, if she was gone, then it wasn't meant to be. And what do you know, she was still there, and very excited that we came back for her! And so of course, we brought her home. 

She likes to sit on this ledge on the piano. Then she sees her reflection in it, barks at herself, and falls off. It's adorable! She also trips over her ears. :)

How about that big, round, spotted tummy?!

She has done very well adjusting so far - she hasn't barked much at all, she's been friendly around the neighbors, and is very laid back. She has gotten plenty of sleep - last night, she climbed into her kennel by herself and fell asleep around 9, then she was quiet throughout the night until we decided to get her up around 5. I guess we might become early risers thanks to her, but it's worth it. :)

Thanks to Charlie, we have used more paper towels in 18 hours than we have in 13 months of living here, but we have also met more neighbors than we had before. 

We've taken her on a few walks so far. She doesn't always understand the purpose, but she likes to use her hound dog instincts to smell everything! She's very friendly around people, and a little shy around other dogs. She is a bit nippy, which can be expected, but she makes up for that by being generally pretty quiet. 

We're so excited about the adventures ahead of us with our new little baby! 

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