Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Minor Upgrade

side note: please note my step count for today on the screen of my phone.

So this happened. 

I called it quits with my loyal, unbreakable, simple, dying, 5 year old phone and joined #teamandroid with a new (to me) smartphone.

While part of me feels disgusted that I have given in to society, the other part is excited about the areas of my life that will also upgrade, such as:

-Picture taking. I expect my picture taking habits to increase by 3000%.
-I now can enjoy texting and talking on the phone for 30 seconds without having to be within 2 feet of an outlet and charger.
-Letterboxing. Recently, we've had some trouble with clues cutting off on Curtis' iPad or printed out pages, so we are excited that our letterboxing habits will improve now that we can look up clues anywhere (especially when that means finding the box we drove or hiked hours to find).
-Hiking. I have yet to discover all the cool apps that I am now able to have, but the one we have enjoyed the most so far is "Map My Hike". I'm hoping to find a way to connect it to this blog somehow. At the very least, we can have an accurate reading on miles and elevation.
-Couponing. I receive many emails with coupons, and they all end up going to the trash because we don't have a printer. Now, receiving 20+ ads a day could maybe be a little bit worth it!

Looking back at this list, it could pretty much be titled "first world problems"...oh well. It's nice to finally enter this decade.

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