Thursday, November 1, 2012

My love story part 2: Before meeting him

In light of our 10 month anniversary yesterday, I decided to share a bit more of our story, from my perspective!

After the talk with my dad, I started ignoring boys. I really had no need for them in my life, what can I say, I was in elementary school! Instead, this was a time when I was really outgoing and had lots of girl friends. I was involved in church, my home school program, and had lots of wonderful neighborhood friends, as well as an awesome family. I was content and really didn't need anything else!

However, at this time in my life, boys were not so nice to me. I remember at church, they would pick on me endlessly. They'd take my toys, they'd pull chairs away from me, I have a very vivid memory of one boy even pulling up my dress! (He probably doesn't remember, but I still hold a grudge on him to this day) Grown ups would say stupid things like "Oh sweetheart, he's just doing it because he likes you!" Well that was the last thing I wanted to hear, after what my dad said, I didn't want anyone to like me! I just wanted to be left alone. Besides, I was certain that none of those jerks liked me. Even if they did, they'd never have a chance. ;)

Just when I was at my wit's end, one boy came along, and he actually DID like me. And he wasn't a total jerk because of it! At first, when it was subtle and simple, I basked in the attention. I didn't care for him at all, but if he wanted to flirt with me while I ignored him, then so be it. Unfortunately, life isn't that simple! Things escalated quickly, for 4th grade that is. Right around this time, a new summer camp started at church, called Theatrical camp. TC was a 2 week camp that met for 3 hours every morning, we rehearsed and at the end performed a Christian musical. It was for kids 3-8 grade, so as 4th graders, my class didn't have huge roles. But it was still so much fun overall, and it continued to be the highlight of my summer until my last one in 8th grade!

Anyway, back to this boy. In one of the songs in the play, I was picked to dance with him. I mean, he picked me to be his dance partner. It was a fun little swing dance, I thought nothing of it. He however took it very seriously. Even after the play was done, he just wouldn't drop it! For the next several months, every time he saw me in the church hallway, he would yell "HI SWEETIE!" I tried everything. I told him to stop, I ignored him, acted like it was no big deal, even started getting angry and exclaiming "leave me alone!" but nothing worked! I even got brave enough to use the line Dad gave me: "Go talk to my dad!" but not even that stopped him!

At the beginning of 5th grade, I was done. I was just done with boys. I came to the conclusion that they either hated me and were jerks, or they liked me too much and were annoying. I decided that they just weren't for me and I wouldn't ever like a boy.

That was the month when the Christmas play practice started. Along with that came a boy who was so different than everyone else, he completely changed my mind, and my life, to this very day.

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