Wednesday, September 23, 2015

OCS Graduation

September 3 & 4, 2015

I'd like to start off this post with explaining some things: I know that I've been rather vague on here throughout the summer as to where Curtis was and what exactly he was doing. This was all intentional, and will be something you can expect whenever I talk about the Navy. I won't be telling locations, dates, or what he's doing. That isn't what this blog is about anyway - this is just about US, our marriage, and our adventures. This is obviously a public blog, and I don't want to take any chances. I think there's nothing wrong with being too careful. If you are familiar with OPSEC and ever think I'm sharing too much, please let me know! 

With that out of the way, here are my favorite memories from Curtis' graduation!

Curtis was able to leave base that afternoon, so we went out with our families to explore downtown Newport. It is such a charming town, old architecture mixed with modern shops and restaurants, all down the same block. Fun fact: Newport is known as being America's first resort.

But of course, among all the beauty and bustle of the downtown area, my favorite part was walking around hand in hand with Curtis. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world walking with this handsome man in uniform. ;)

After our afternoon tour, we went to a celebratory dinner for his class, where we enjoyed the short ceremony of recognition, and meeting some of his friends.

After the ceremony, with the Pell Bridge and sun setting behind the clouds.

Because we've been severely deprived of kissing pictures this summer... ;)

The next morning, we started back at the base to watch the class put on a "fun run and public beating," as Curtis called it. We watched them all run together while chanting/singing, which Curtis told us was completely for our entertainment because they never did this throughout their 12 week training. 

And finally, that afternoon was the graduation! We were able to fit in pictures before the ceremony so that we could get out of there right after to see more of Newport.

It was a little windy that day. :)

With Curtis' family...

And my family!

Finally, the ceremony! Seeing all these newly commissioned ensigns graduate together is probably the most patriotic thing I've seen - even more than visiting Mt. Rushmore around 4th of July. ;) Going into the ceremony, it felt like such a huge milestone for all the challenges faced over the summer, but it also reminded me that their careers in the Navy are only just beginning. This is just the start of a whole new adventure! 

Pass in review

Reciting the Oath of Office


Curtis' company

Receiving his commissioning

So proud of him. :)

FREEDOM! Once it was all over, we took off to see more of Newport with our families. Oh, it took about 2 ½ hours for Curtis to say "I want to go back to OCS." I'm pretty sure he was joking. ;)

We headed to the coast to see the ocean and walk on the Cliff Walk - a path that goes along the coast, offering great views of the ocean, the land on the other side, and the gorgeous mansions along the trail. The sad thing is, Curtis had been here in Rhode Island for 12 weeks, and this was his first time seeing the actual ocean - he had only seen the bay on base!

The mansions here were incredible, and there were so many of them in this area!

After walking the path for about an hour, we went to Anthony's Sea Food for dinner. This restaurant was featured on the show Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and offered some amazing sea food to make our trip to Rhode Island complete! We especially loved the clam cakes and the Portuguese Fish Chowder. Some of us even ventured out and had our first crab legs and steamed mussels.  

To finish off the night, we went to find some letterboxes and see the sun set at the Castle Hill Lighthouse. Our time in Newport was super short but very sweet, and now all the memories of missing Curtis this summer are covered up by the fun we had together in this beautiful place.

Most of these pictures were taken by my mother-in-law, Julie - I was too busy enjoying Curtis to take any. :) You can visit her photography website here: