Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Today - July 14 - is Charlotte's first birthday! We are celebrating with taking long walks, eating frog carcasses (which she prefers over cake), and playing with her BFF's Tank and Teddy and the rest of my family. 

Charlotte has done a great job adjusting to life here in Iowa. She is as happy as can be with all the grass to roll around in! She still acts like a puppy in some ways, but her ability to handle big transitions so smoothly is such a blessing. She also makes a great companion for me while Curtis is gone.

At her last vet appointment a couple weeks ago, she weighed 31 pounds, and the vet doesn't think she's going to get much bigger. That makes me happy - we have a fun-sized basset hound! She's small but very strong, so I am thankful she won't get too much bigger. She's already pulling me around all the time as it is!

September 2014 to July 2015. I guess she has grown up a lot!

Still giving us the sweetest little puppy eyes :)

We love you Charlie, and we're so happy you are part of our lives! 

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