Wednesday, April 15, 2015


There's a lot of things that we'll miss about living in Southern Arizona. The mountains, the pleasant winters, In-N-Out... but of course the thing we'll miss the most about this place is our friends.

L to R: Alex, Kathy, me, Curtis, Charlotte, Andrew, Austin, Seneca, Mitch, Julianna, and Max. Thank you Kathy for the photo :)
Together we have hiked, letterboxed, played games, traveled, baked, laughed, and shared terrifying experiences together. These are people that Curtis met before we were married, and they all welcomed me with open arms when I moved down here. Even though our time here is relatively short, we have developed such great friendships and special memories that we'll cherish forever.

They also happen to be big supporters of this blog. Shout out to you guys :)

Charlotte has also made lots of friends here. Of course there's her boyfriend, Max, then other dogs like Chuggy and Noodles. I realized that all of her friends are boys. We may have to have a talk about that. ;)

We get the whole group together about once a month. During a usual gathering, the guys will play Axis and Allies, Mitch will serve an amazing dinner, and the girls will bake! Last Sunday when we were together, we made these amazing Raspberry Daiquiri Cupcakes with raspberry filling. (I got the recipe out of a book given to me by my mom - called "Cupcakes and Cocktails" by Bonnie Marcus. Doesn't that just sound like the perfect cookbook for baking with friends?!) Our Apple Pie Pizza is also very popular among the group. Every time we bake together, we show our guys how lucky they are to have us around. Even if they don't want to play games that involve us. ;)

Thank you friends, for making living in Tucson so much fun! You're always welcome to visit us wherever we may end up! :)

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