Monday, March 9, 2015

Our Weekend: Food, Food, Food!

Another fun weekend gone by...and somehow, I only have pictures of the food we made. Weird! ;)

We spent our Saturday morning preparing food for our next great adventure, and the afternoon at Mitch's house with friends. Well, I should say afternoon until midnight - probably the latest I've stayed up since New Year's Eve. Married life is great! :)

First, we were up early to pick up our Bountiful Basket. Going to get our basket is like Christmas morning for me, I get so excited to see what we'll be eating this week. When we get home, we enjoy spreading it all out to photograph it, then we start planning how we're going to eat it all.

We decided to try something completely new to us - making our own pickles! Curtis took charge of this project, and as far as we can tell everything went well. Now all we have to do is wait and see how they turn out!

While Curtis was working on that, I made granola for the first time to bring on our next vacation. We are planning to bring plenty of snacks for hiking and road tripping as always, but this time we're also bringing some meals to make while either camping or in hotel rooms. It's been fun finding foods that will be filling, nutritional, and that don't require refrigeration!

Once we finished up in the kitchen, we packed up and drove over to Mitchell's for a fun afternoon with friends and...can you guess? Great food! Mitch always makes amazing meals for us! I brought along some ingredients and utensils so that the girls and I could bake while the guys played war games.

For dessert, we made a much-requested recipe, Dessert Pizza! It turned out to be amazing, and my favorite easy and delicious pie crust recipe was perfect, as always, even when spread as thin as possible!

Oh, and I got to introduce my friends to one of the greatest appliances in my kitchen: my Happy-Fun Apple Corer! It cores, slices, and peels apples all with the turn of the handle! But how did it get its name? Growing up, "Happy Fun" were 2 words my mom would use to describe our favorite things. The park across the street from our neighborhood was called the "Happy Fun Park." Apples made in the apple corer were called "Happy Fun Apples." I would say that those words can also describe growing up in the Schillinger home - a Happy Fun Childhood. :)

Last year, Curtis and I were wandering through a thrift store when I spotted it on a shelf. I was so excited, I just knew it was the one thing I needed to make my kitchen complete! The poor cashier had no idea what it was though...that poor deprived man. ;)

And that was our weekend! Quite a Happy Fun Weekend, I'd say. :)

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