Monday, February 23, 2015

A Lazy Weekend

Happy Monday!

Well, our weekend was probably just as lazy as they get in our world! Curtis was getting over a cold, so we had nothing extreme planned, but we still just wanted to get out and do something. We did just get a GoPro after all, and were dying to get out and take it on its first adventure. 

The day started off with picking up our Bountiful Basket! Look at that spread! We spent some time in the kitchen Saturday morning chopping up all those strawberries (9 pounds!) and putting them in the freezer. Curtis also chopped up the onions and we froze those as well. I love having onions in the freezer, all ready to throw into whatever I'm making for dinner!

Taken with our GoPro

Saturday afternoon, we went for a little hike in Honeybee Canyon in Oro Valley. We'd been there once before in our first months of living here, but had to go back because more letterboxes were planted around the area! We also chose this hike because Charlotte was able to go, and she desperately needed to get out of the house. 

I only have the above picture from the entire hike...because I was filming the rest of it! Stay tuned for our first GoPro video, coming soon! 

I'm currently trying to figure out what I prefer for editing movies - the official GoPro software or iMovie. So far, iMovie is winning because everything seems more jerky on the GoPro software. If there are any other GoProers out there, we'd appreciate some movie editing advice!

Anyway, we had fun boxing in Honeybee Canyon! It's really warming up down here, and we had the sun beating on us for the majority of the hike. We took the 1.5 mile loop trail, then walked another mile down the Honeybee wash for a letterbox and to check out some petroglyphs. Walking through a wash is easy because it's all flat, but also difficult because it's so sandy. Charlotte was a hoot though - when we were on our own, we'd let her run free, and she'd go between dashing through the sand and hiding in the shade, watching us pass by before lapping us again. It's safe to say that she used up all her energy, even on this short hike. :) (And yes, all of that was caught on video, so come back and see that when it's done!)

We wrapped up our fun day with having Breakfast for Dinner. It was nice to have a quiet weekend, since there will be some big adventures ahead! 

Have a great week everyone! :)

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