Thursday, January 22, 2015

Charlotte: 6 Months

Last week was our baby Charlotte's half birthday! Today, I just wanted to share some recent pictures and write down the things I want to remember about her at this age.

~She's around 25 lbs. I thought she'd be bigger by this age, but I did some research and learned that this isn't abnormal, she's probably going to be a smaller basset hound. I am totally fine with that - the little stinker is getting way too strong and heavy for me! 

~We've stopped using her collar and now use her harness all the time. She can be stubborn when we go for walks, which leads to us having to pull her around, so it helps to not be pulling her by her neck.

~The only words that will get an excited reaction out of her are "Outside," "Food," and "Breakfast." She will usually obey when we tell her to sit. 

~She responds much better to smells, like the smell of frying bacon. The only time when I will make her stay away from me is when I'm making food. She loves to be involved in every part of the food preparation process...from making it to eating it, then clearing off our plates!

~Whenever we come home from anywhere, or if Curtis takes her out for a walk, the first thing she'll do is run to me as fast as she can! I love that she loves seeing me the most. ;) When she gets to me, the two things she wants to do are jump up and kiss me, and roll over so I can rub her belly. She usually tries to do both at once - all while whining and wagging her tail at 25 mph. How could I not stop everything I'm doing to give her a belly rub and accept her sweet kisses?!

~I am so happy that I have a dog that loves being rubbed/massaged. She just lies there and lets me massage her all over, she'll even roll over and let me get her back too. Those are some of my favorites moments with my baby girl!

~Getting fixed didn't change her at all. She still has her spunk, curiosity, and noises that she makes all the time. We call her our little piggy sometimes because of all her grunts. She also snores like a maniac.

~Other names that I call her include but are not limited to: Charlie, Baby, Babygirl, Chuckles, Chuckie, Sweet Pea, Sugar, Sweetheart, Sweetie, Homegirl, Homedog, Pumpkin, Sillyhead, Monkey. Names that Curtis calls her: Kid. "Hey, Kid!"

Hey Charlie, say Cheese! 

~She has a thing for pens and pencils. If we don't put them high up and out of reach, she will destroy them.

~Yesterday, while I was trying to get her to settle down, I found a Youtube video that is 2 hours of dogs barking. I played it to get her reaction. The result was her getting very nervous and cuddly. It was adorable...and no, we did not care to listen to all 2 hours!

~She sleeps with us every night, for at least part of the night. If she isn't taking over Curtis' pillow or snoring in my ear, she can be found on the floor laying on our pile of pillows, or maybe on the futon in the other room. Who cares, the point is that she sleeps like a (snoring) angel, and never demands us to wake up!

That's our Charlotte! Still working on training/housebreaking, as always, but for the most part she is a joy to have. She handles our exciting and eventful life with ease and is always ready for our next adventure!

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