Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Week With My Mom

Hooray! My mom was finally able to take a much deserved vacation and come see me!! :) We had been to Tucson together once before I lived here, but this was her first time getting to see our home and some of our favorite spots. Of course the best part about the week was just being with her and having lots of great conversations, but here are some of the other highlights of our week together in Tucson.

She doesn't know it yet, but Charlotte is so excited to meet her other Grandma! Here she's waiting so impatiently in the cell phone lot :)
 On Wednesday after she arrived, we showed her our home and spent a lot of time catching up. It was a busier week for Curtis, so it was the perfect time for her to visit to keep me company! Weather wise it was also perfect - while it was snowing and below freezing temps back at home, it was in the 70's-80's down here!
One of our many walks outside together with Charlie. 
 On Thursday morning, we walked around my little "neighborhood," visiting the mall and other places near our apartment. That evening, we went to Sabino Canyon and met some friends for a walk at sunset.

Walking through Sabino Canyon at sunset.

Walking through the canyon - as the sun sets, the mountains turn pink!

One of the many river crossings in Sabino Canyon
On Friday, we packed up and took off for Sedona! Read about that adventure here. :)

Charlie napping on Mom's lap on the way to Sedona

And napping on Curtis on the way back. Why are there more pictures of Charlie here than anyone else?!
 On Sunday, we came home, unpacked, relaxed, and ate pizza. Oh, it's also important to mention that we introduced mom to In-N-Out, and discovered a Krispy Kremes in Casa Grande. Probably the best discovery of the week. :)

Best view of Tucson from one of the taller Tucson buildings

On Monday, we rode the bus with Curtis to the U of A and enjoyed the sites and sunshine around campus. When Curtis was done with school, we had lunch at our gourmet mac & cheese place called The Fix. Then, we rode the SunTram to downtown Tucson and wandered around there before taking the bus back home.

Riding the SunTram from campus to downtown Tucson

We walked around the courthouse and the model of the old Presidio

One last selfie together - inside Target in the kid's section was a Frozen inspired backdrop for parents to take pictures of their kids. Why not? :)
On Tuesday, we took one more walk to more favorite places for souvenirs and sushi before having to take her to the airport. The week went by way too fast! Of course, this was all just on the weekdays... check out my post about our vacation to Sedona for the weekend! I am so thankful that I got to spend so much time with her. Thanks to the rest of my family for letting her get away for a bit. :)

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