Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mastering Puzzles, Loving Puppies, and Losing Wisdom

Dining room table? What's that? Oh, you mean a puzzling table, yes we have one of those! After the last 7 months of having this gigantic 3000 piece puzzle taking over the table, we are SO excited to say that we are DONE!

As you can see, we didn't measure quite right before getting started, and the corners of the puzzle are hanging over the edge. You can also see that we pulled our table apart just a tad to give us that much more room. Yes, 7 months is a ridiculous amount of time to be working on a puzzle, but there were several weeks and even months within that time period that we were so sick of it, we couldn't even look at that silly thing. But with the last few days of summer upon us, we started taking it seriously and forcing ourselves to finish it. I don't think we even left it up for 24 hours afterwards - we were ready to put it away and move on to the next challenge!

This is what the table looks like 48 hours after the above picture. The one in the middle is 750 pieces, and the ones on either side are each 500. We did a little "competition" with the two 500 piece ones (Curtis won) and then did the Eiffel Tower for fun yesterday. Every day we're puzzling… :)

Yesterday evening, we also enjoyed a 4 mile walk around our "neighborhood" with some awesome stops along the way. Our favorite fast food restaurant, Culvers, was having a "buy one get one" special that we couldn't resist. Then we stopped at the puppy store and this week we fell in love with a St. Bernard puppy! Did you know that they come in "short hair"? That's actually how they were originally bred, the long hair came in when they started breeding them with Newfoundlands. We actually considered it for a very long time. Hey, it won't be a big hairy mess, why not? We sat down next to its cage for a long time, and I swear, that puppy fell in love with us too! It wants us as much as we want it! Sadly, the price brought us back to reality. It's also kind of hard to imagine a St. Bernard in our apartment…but it would definitely love going on these mountain hikes with us! Oh well. Maybe some other day. :)

Today, Curtis got his wisdom teeth out. Sadly, I don't have any funny stories or videos to share with you, because it was just like any other tooth pull. Actually, he says it was the easiest and least painful one he's had! How is this possible? Because apparently, if you are like we were and are too scared to go through the surgery and just let your wisdom teeth grow in, then they are very easy to remove! I know that not every case is as easy and some people do have real complications, but I am now extremely thankful that I didn't give in to the oral surgeon's plan to take mine out in high school. Maybe this all is just something to consider if you're facing that terrifying surgery anytime soon. ;)

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