Sunday, July 13, 2014

Because Futbol!

We had the pleasure today of being able to watch the final World Cup game with friends in a mansion where one friend happened to be house-sitting. Curtis & I don't have a TV and haven't put any effort into watching the games online, but we'd been kind of following the results of the games over the past month. While soccer can feel very long and slow for someone who is used to watching basketball games, (you know, where the score gets higher than 1-0!) we really enjoyed the last 4 minutes of the game, as well as a few random funny falls. 

Our favorite part of all though is definitely the player intros at the beginning. They all turn to their left and cross their arms while trying to look intimidating, or something. We happened to catch that part one day when at a restaurant, and joked about it a little. But just yesterday, we found this article that analyzes the various ways that players do the simple steps, and chooses a winner for the "best player intro." We're still giggling uncontrollably over this, so I'll share the link and you can decide if it's actually that funny. Click here to read the article!

Have a great week everyone, and good luck getting back to reality to anyone whose past month has been all about the World Cup. :)

Just another cute old picture of Curtis and I, from July of 2009 :)

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