Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Have Found the One My Soul Loves

First off - no, this isn't a sappy post about my dear husband, I think it's already been established that I'm crazy about him! This post is about something new that has stolen our hearts…and all our dreams of "eating healthy".

After almost 11 months of marriage and probably 30 different cheesecakes, we have found THE ONE:

Neapolitan Cheesecake!

Yeah, it was so good, it was halfway gone before I was able to get pictures

It wasn't long before moving into our home that we discovered there was a Cheesecake Factory restaurant just 2 blocks away. We happen to walk by there at least once a week when we go to visit the puppy store, and usually when we're passing by, we're a bit depressed because we aren't coming home with an adorable puppy. We've given in and gotten slices of cheesecake before, but we knew that it couldn't become a habit because spending $8 on a single slice would get us into trouble. Because of this, it is simply understood that we need a cheesecake to come home to, which means I'm making a new cheesecake about once a week.

Chocolate truffle. Chocolate chip. Peach. Cookie Dough. Chocolate Raspberry. Nutella. Brownie swirl. Snickers. Oreo. Candy bar. Pumpkin. These are just a few of the many kinds I have experimented. Most of them tasted pretty good, there were a few that didn't work out. They rarely looked as good as the picture with the cookbook or online recipe. But they were always just fine, and helped us to be content, until now.

This Neapolitan Cheesecake is everything we have been looking for in a dessert! Three light and airy layers of flavorful deliciousness, with a sweet and crunchy Oreo crust to tie them all together. Fluffy, creamy goodness that you just can't say no to. Smooth and sweet bites that will keep you coming back for more. So simple to make, and doesn't require baking. This is the one we've been searching for, for all of this time. This is the cheesecake that we want to spend the rest of our life eating. No cheesecake can ever compare to this; there is no dessert that can satisfy this craving. I know that my life will never be the same.

Here is where you can find this recipe. She obviously has better pictures of it too. ;) I didn't make the crust to go all the way up the side, but that's okay, we got to eat the last 2 sleeves of Oreos. I also couldn't find strawberry extract, so I used grenadine and it tastes amazing. 

Cheesecake so amazing, I'm even blogging about it. Now THAT'S good. :)

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