Monday, December 2, 2013

Highlights of Thanksgiving Week

Here's a little look into how our first Thanksgiving as a married couple went! It was hard not getting to spend the holiday with my family, but we still managed to have fun, eat great food, and have a couple adventures! We had a lovely dinner with Curtis' relatives, who have their own traditions - like substituting the turkey for duck!

We went hiking Tuesday night at sunset and ended up finding 6 boxes in the dark. Pretty hardcore, right? We hiked at Ironwood Park in the Tucson Mountain park, and pictured below is the only ironwood tree in the park!

Sunset in the desert 

On Thanksgiving day, we stopped on the way to Curtis' cousin and got a box near this awesome bridge. Just another reason why Tucson is so great!

Looking inside the bridge

The rattlesnake tail at the end! 

And finally, on Saturday we went to Tombstone and Bisbee with our letterboxing friends. Our mission was to plant 5 boxes, but we only planted 3 which means we'll enjoy another trip to these cities in the future!
Here is a historical landmark we pulled over to check out:

I love the colors in Cochise county!

This is on Mule Pass, right outside of Bisbee. 

Boothill Cemetery in Tombstone

Any cemetery that has how the person died written on their tombstone becomes very interesting! 

Courthouse in Tombstone 

We finished this adventure at Big Nose Kate's bar in Tombstone 

Married for 4 months, and we still love each other! :)

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